About me

I’m a software engineer with more than 10 years of experience. Started development from C++ Builder, then moved to Java and Groovy. I’ve created many different systems: ERP, CRM, DMS, ticket booking and provisioning solutions. Recently working on a microservice-based iGaming platform.

I find it enjoyable working on refactoring, clean code and automation and making software resisting for failure. I often work with Spring, Groovy, Grails, and other JVM technologies. My favorite toys include Linux, Continuous Integration, and DevOps tools.

Member of communities:

  • jSession - JVM community meetup in Białystok (co-founder & leader)
  • Programistok - The biggest IT conference in northeastern Poland (co-organizer)
  • JDD - two-day conference for all Java enthusiasts (Program Committee member)
  • CoderDojo - foundation helping young people build a positive future through coding and community (co-founder in Poland)

Fan of the graphic novels, Marvel Cinematic Universe, golf and photography.

You can find me on: